General Questions About Career

Hello everyone,
I’m a translator and interpretation(Turkish-French-English) student in a Turkish University whose name is Bilkent University. It is a actually quite popular and successful university and this is my third year in this department. I am happy with my department, but the main problem is that I met the computer at a very young age and I was interested in coding at a very young age, but I had never gone this far in coding. However, although I am satisfied with my department, when I started codeacademy this year, I realized that I enjoy coding and software lessons, more than i enjoy translating and I would like to be a software engineer in the future. It is too late to change my department, unfortunately, I do not have such an opportunity, but I believe that I can improve myself in software engineering and coding with online lessons and my ambition. I am currently taking both translating and codeacademy together, and although it is tiring, it is very productive, especially my coding lessons. I know that a certain level of math is required for coding, and I know that my math was pretty good even if it is rusted, and I am ready to take lessons to remember math again. But my main concern is whether I will be able to find a software related job in the future even though I have not graduated from any software related department? Because, as you know, I won’t have any degree in software. What do you think about this? Your opinions are very important to me.

its possible, but not as simple as some people seem to think.

there is a good change you will have to do an internship first before they hire you as developer/software engineer/whatever you like to call it

What would you suggest me to get on the same level with others?

Practice, practice and more practice

build projects, try to get some of your projects. Study other peoples code on github can be helpful. Work with others if possible

Thank you so much for your answers. When I finish my career path I will most probably create another topic to learn ways, web sites etc. Where I can practice. However, there are still so much time to end my career path as it is a long path.

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