General Question


Do you know if Codecademy is going to have courses in C++? I’m just asking because I would like to know it as well as Python. :slight_smile:


It’s is possible, I’m not 100% certain though.


Given the resources required and the tremendous expense that would entail, I would posit that it is highly unlikely we will ever see the course on this platform.


Maybe. If CodeCademy has the money to get another course added. An if people will take it. C++ would be fairly expensive to add also.


We do now :slight_smile: @trevor_wier @louwding @computernerd87


While I’m thoroughly impressed, I’m not surprised. CC to me has been one of the only places to learn this variety of Languages and techniques for such a cheep price. No wonder they continue to improve.


BTW, the reference guide is pointing to SQL reference, not C++. The lesson text and articles need proofreading. There are some tiny errors.


@mtf hey roy! can you send me a list of errors :slight_smile: i can incorporate the changes asap


Would have to go through the course again. You guys are paid; I am not; My wife still wonders why there isn’t a cheque in the mail from CC. If you want I’ll give it another go…


nevermind, i just saw the bug reports. and i have merged the changes. thank u so much! no need to go through it again