General question: HOW CAN I PUBLISH to the web a code of mine?

Hello , I know that my question maybe(?) is silly , but let’s say i’ve made a code with Python . HOW can i test it ??? HOW can i make it ALIVE in the Web ? , so i can see it complete ???

Why would you want you to make it alive on the web? Python is used on the web, but as backend. I would just download python, and run programs on your computer. the python site has documentation, if these are unclear, i am sure you can find a suitable video on youtube

A big thanks , my friend - i would do as you said

It might be confusing, but codecademy is teaching python in the form of a website, because this way, you don’t have to download and install all sort of things, which makes the entry barrier really low (or rather, no entry barrier), but if you want to write python code, you can just do this on your computer. Might be a bit confusing in the beginning, do ask if you have any questions is also a pretty good place to learn python, lots of advanced and low level python scripters
but a good place to get a foothold and see what people are doing and how.

Have fun :]