General question about while syntax


Hi all !
In the instruction it is written that

"When checking variables like slaying that are set to true, you don't need to write something like:
while(slaying === true)
You can just write
while(slaying) "

My question : what about while (slaying===false) ?

Have a good day !


use NOT (!)


_Are we supposed to know this ?

_Secondly I m invited to use a function (red written in the editor page) yet it is not in the Get The Hint Help solution page . Is that normal ? (and I get a green Way To go)

Thanks Ionatan for your fast answer !


Have you been explicitly shown exactly that? Perhaps not.
Have you been shown enough to work it out? Likely.

It's a boolean and there's an operator for inverting them, !
A condition is an expression that evaluates to a boolean.

But it makes plenty of sense, no?

"While not slaying, do the following:"

No clue what function you are referring to, or why you think it should be in the hint


In the editor page , it was written (in french ! ? ) "function expected here" (fonction attendue) .
And I was surprised not to see the same direction in the get hint section the frame of a while Loop and.... an advice to use a function .
Thanks Ionatan for your explanation : you're right . we 're supposed to know things . I started with HTML CSS and I m studying JS now .