General Lessons Feedback Options?

Is there a way to give feedback (back to Codecademy) on specific lessons or modules? Like, if the instructions seem unclear or if the lesson seems to be jumping over itself?

If not - this is just my suggestion: There should be an option in each lesson segment with “Give feedback on this section.” This way, the designers could note pages/lessons that seem to be causing a lot of confusion and take in ideas for improvements. I’ve run into a few places here where I felt like the page’s beginning of how/why we’re about to do a task, was either incomplete or the instructions very confusing. When it has the option of “check out the forum for help!” links - it links to a page where it seems like everyone is pretty confused about what is being taught, or asked.

My thoughts are - and I may just be missing it - but if there were a place that requested feedback and we could say, “This portion doesn’t seem to be well explained,” rather than endless loops of community feedback of others saying, “Yeah, this doesn’t make sense,” high amounts of feedback on a module/page/lesson could trigger the lesson designers to refine that portion and create a more detailed or better explaination.

Again, if this option already exists and I’m missing it - I’m just looking for where we can flag that. :slight_smile:


If you click the Get Help icon at the bottom right corner of the page, then click Bugs you’ll see the following:

If you simply want to leave feedback, click Other, and fire away. :slightly_smiling_face:


Is there any way that the user gets feedback on his suggestion?

One loses motivation to give Feedback to Codecademy if you don’t know wether the feedback was good and has been implemented or it wasn’t. Even a simple thumbs up / thumbs down / hasn’t been reviewed would really help.

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Not that I’m aware of. I agree with you though that it would be nice to receive some sort of acknowledgement that the suggestion was at least seen.


+1 for feedback on feedback. At least the user would know if their concern is valid or if they are thinking incorrectly about the issue.

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I’ll chip in here as well. As a lifelong learner, it would be good to know if it was the lesson or the student who were in error. A note to any product managers who may be considering this. The number of people reporting is likely small when compared to those requesting other features or enhancements. This is likely due to how proactive one must be to seek feedback of this type.