General JavaScript Help

Hi fellow Codeacademy-ers,
Started learning to code in March and all the HTML and CSS stuff makes sense and is straightforward enough. But I’m working through JavaScript now and I’m finding it quite tough to wrap my head around.

I find that I can generally tell what’s going on when I read the finished product, but when it comes to writing it myself I just can’t quite seem to figure out the right way.

I’m working full time in a none coding job, so I’m only able to commit a few hours an evening to studying, which isn’t ideal because just as I think I’ve grasped a concept it’s off to bed followed a full day’s work and by the next evening it’s escaped me.

I guess I’m just putting this out there to see if anybody has been in a similar situation with JS and how they broke through that barrier. I know I’m still new to this and I can’t expect to know everything straight away, but if anyone has any tips/ advice I’d really appreciate the help.

Thanks in advance, gang :+1:

slowing down and experimenting with the code helped me … I got fewer lessons done each week but I understood the stuff better and was able to apply more of it.

I tried to make up my own silly little projects (very simple stuff, usually very short) and then write some code for them.