General help on what next

I am studying the Full Stack path and I am finishing the section on Git
There is a suggestion for a project Mixed Messages
I am not sure on how to get in touch with others and start working on such a project.
I have few things holding me back and would like to hear your opinions

  1. I only done the JavaScript Syntax Part 1 and Git sections of the path - so I am not sure how much I can contribute
  2. I am a full time worker, and so I am not sure how to become a part of a project with other people as I might hold the project back
  3. Does it make sense to be a part of team so early in my path and with my time constraints?
  4. If continuing without a team - should I focus on more JS or do some HTML/CSS?

Thank you

You can always come back to this project, which might be advisable given the current situation. Suggest stick with HTML/CSS and spice it with JS as you go. The user interface is very important so should not be put on the back burner. JS is easier to understand when we are fluent in HTML and CSS, especially HTML.

As far as teaming up, if anything it should be with someone at the same learning level as you, who also has to work within time constraints. For the time being, go solo and ramp up your skill level. You will be able to tackle the Mixed Messages project on your own once you complete the HTML/CSS and JS course material.

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I appreciate your help and advice.
I’ll proceed as suggested.

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