General help/No direction


I am feeling surprisingly lost learning Rails–especially when compared to other classes/languages. Almost every lesson instructs you to do something but without a single explanation as to how.

For example: SAVING DATA; Controller; 3/7; exercise 2 “create a route that maps the URL /messages to the Messages controller’s index action” but zero explanation as to how to create a route. In fact, the entire section above the instructions review part 2/7 as opposed to talking about what the current 3/7 will be about.

Please someone tell me I’m missing an entire section or intro class. I also realize this class may just be harder, or not as in depth as other classes, but still wanted to fire up a flare.


I am utterly lost with this course! Just today I finished the Command Line, Git, and Sass courses, and am well on my way through ReactJS, which I found relatively clear and with sufficient explanation (at least at the most basic level). But it feels like this Ruby on Rails course provides nearly no explanation of what’s going on, and doesn’t generalize what they teach so you can apply it to the next steps…


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