General Frustrations

Having completed roughly 60% of the Javascript course, I’m facing some rather difficult self-doubt. It seems that more often than not, I have to rely on someone else pointing out my mistakes. Aside from that, I constantly have to open up the first part of any section (“Take a look at what you’re going to build”) in order to do – really anything. I can’t seem to figure out the cryptic directions and almost always need to look at the “Hint.”

The real question here is for those who manage to help those of us who are somewhat clueless. How do you retain the information in these lessons and how is it that you have managed to become so proficient at coding that you are able to help those of us who would flounder with that help?

After several weeks of working on Javascript, I’m beginning to question my ability to eventually get the hang of it.

Don’t misunderstand. This isn’t a pity party. I am genuinely curious as to how people manage to succeed here.

For example, Yesterday I completed the section on Objects and Arrays. I did it maybe six times just to see if I could do it the different ways available. Today, I just don’t remember much. I’m sure that if I were writing something in the real world I’d have to refer to a cheat sheet or something. Everything always seems to make sense as I do it, but I simply can’t retain it.

Even the best programmers use cheat sheet, in fact i recommend it to use cheat sheet. Why remember all the syntax? The computer can do it for you, where as the computer can’t program yet (the logical aspect), so it far more important to get the concept, then remember all the syntax

Yea, programming is difficult. I had to look a lot on the forum as well. You will get the hang of it, but before you do, there is always a struggle phase

Just continue, and repeat the exercises if needed. I am sure you will make it through :slight_smile:




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