General Advice - My One Hige Tip For Apparent Errors when running code with node.js

Yesterday I was working through the “Re-creating the Lodash Library” module and got myself seriously stuck. I knew my code was valid yet when I tested it it just failed at the first test. In the end I just played the walkthrough video and my code was exactly the same!!!
So, what was wrong? Why didn’t it pass the tests???

Sometimes the simplest most obvious thing is the one we don’t consider.

Save yourselves hours of stress and make sure you click the save button before trying to run code from the bash terminal…

Oh yes, I was that foolish. :expressionless:
Lesson learnt.


This has caught me before as well. A lot of times it’s the simple stuff…and I say that with all seriousness. A missing { or we didn’t spell a variable right … more often than not, it’s not the syntax, it’s the quickness to get the job done.

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That doesn’t sound familiar at all… :roll_eyes:


YES!!! I went through this error, too, on the first test! Then I came to this forum and searched how I can solve the problem and finally found your post here. Thank you! You save my life!