Gear symbol (buffer) keeps spinning for new lesson loaded


After a new lesson loads, what should be the Save & Submit Code button, is actually a gear icon which does not stop spinning. This means that after I write the code for that lesson, I cannot submit it.

This happens to me for every lesson in the Python course. I’m not sure if this is an issue for all the other courses, but it seems to be a platform issue independent on the language.

Steps I take that create this problem:

  1. Write the correct code for the lesson. Then click on the Save & Submit Code button shown below.

  2. Then the Save & Submit Code button turns to the Start Next Lesson button shown below.

  3. (A) - I click on the green button above. Then the next lesson loads, but instead of getting the Save & Submit Code button again for the new lesson, I get the gear/loading/buffer button shown below, which does not stop spinning. Once the new lesson loads, this gear button should quickly turn back to the Save & Submit Code, but it does not.

… (B) - OR I do not click on the green button. Instead I click on the “x” icon to close the bar for this button. Then you will see the gear icon in the current lesson.

More information:

  1. Using the latest Chrome browser
  2. Using Windows 7 Enterprise
  3. Turned off Ad blockers
  4. Same issue with Internet Explorer and Firefox.
    … With Internet Explorer, the gear isn’t spinning, but it still stays stuck with that icon.

Only work-around I found so far:
Once a new lesson loads, I would have to click on the menu (which shows the list of lessons) and click on the new lesson so that it reloads. Only then would I get back the Save & Submit Code button.

Does anyone have a more permanent solution?

Thank you.

Having exactly the same problem. Need to refresh browser with every new lesson. Tried both Opera and Chrome