GDP & Life Expectancy

It is the first time I posted a blog on Medium, takes a long time to set up publication, but the end result looks quite impressive. Any projects with visual presentation are always more fun, and more visually appealing.
Personally, I don’t like violin plots, it also looks like something else than violin. And I have never seen a violin graph on Corporate or Government presentations. Am I biased?
Thank you. Judy from Melbourne - Home to Australian Open Tennis
a. Medium blog: Analyse GDP & Life_ Expectancy. INTRODUCTION | by Judy Ping McCormick | Judy Ping McCormick | Feb, 2021 | Medium
b. code: GDP_Life_Expectancy_Seaborn_Matplotlib_FEB2021_Medium/Ping_GDP_Life_Expectancy_WHO.ipynb at main · judyping2436/GDP_Life_Expectancy_Seaborn_Matplotlib_FEB2021_Medium · GitHub
c. slides:
GDP_Life_Expectancy_Seaborn_Matplotlib_FEB2021_Medium/PDF_PPT_Ping_GDP_Life_Expectancy_WHO.pdf at main · judyping2436/GDP_Life_Expectancy_Seaborn_Matplotlib_FEB2021_Medium · GitHub

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Wow this is really great! I think your blog is very informative - I’m just wrapping up mine and getting a lot of good ideas!

Thank you for your encouragement. Highly appreciated.