GDP and life expectancy of the Data Science path

Hello, i’m so excited to share my capstone project with you. I want and need your feedback to improve myself. This link will give you access to the project:
Thank You! I’m waiting f


Congratulations on finishing the GDP and Life Expectancy project!

Overall everything looks good. I just have a few short suggestions.

  1. Double check all your spelling. Most of it looks okay, but I think you accidentally switched the s and the z in the word visualization, so it wouldn’t hurt to go over all the text one last time.

  2. Consider changing your x-tick labels on your bar graphs. Right now, you can’t really read the last three countries:
    A few ways you could handle this are to change “United States of America” to just “USA”, add a rotation to your labels, or both.

  3. Lastly, your violin plot looks a little squished vertically and stretched horizontally:

    Maybe this happened when you were putting the image in the slides?

    I don’t know if it would fix it, but you might want to experiment with presenting your data using horizontal violin plots like this:

    That way you could have your plot in one column of the slide and your text in another (to the right or left of your plot). Try it out and see what looks best.

Once again, good job and happy coding!

Thanks for you feedback. It’s helpful. I will correct the mistakes and make better next time. Thank You !

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