Gap after August 2023 Updates to React Content - React + Redux

Hey Codecademy

I’ve started the Front End path several months and due to some side projects made a pause while end of the summer.

At the same time the August update was released to the React and Redux sections of the path.

So when I’ve got back to the course I’ve decided to reset my progress of couple of sections to refresh my knowledge of React/Redux and getting closer to the point I was before I’ve noticed that there’s actually a gap when it comes to connecting React and Redux.

Comparing to the previous material there’s no lessons about useSelector, useDispatch or even Provider component - they just appear in the code starting from RTK lessons but not explaiden anymore like it was before - there are only lessons about configureStore and createSlice

In Redux News Reader you actually need to work with selectors and in Flashcards project you download the boilerplate with the Provider. The next one will be Reddit project where you are challenged with creating the project from scratch by yourself but at that point you basically have no experience to connect React and Redux by yourself if you are going through the material for the first time after the update.

Before the update it was just perfectly balanced and now it feels like a serioug gap which could just make a lot of people seriously stuck. Yes, one can find everything in the documentation and Redux tutorials but in my humble opinion that would be really really great and helpful to somehow fill that gap. Or maybe I am missing something?

Anyway, thank you for your amazing work and the platform and community, I’m really big fan of all of that :white_heart:

Hope this will be helpful somehow

I second this, I’m doing the “Create an Advanced Web App with React and Redux Skill Path”, I found Redux News Reader unusually difficult particularly with it involving concepts I hadn’t yet been exposed to, the instructions and hints weren’t much help either.