Games with python



Is it possible to make games with python?


Yes it is. Take a look at pygame, that should help you. It contain tutorials and documentation to get you going.


It sure is! I would suggest giving a look at the great book Invent with Python!. Also take a look at the amazing library PyGame. :smiley:


thanks (:
would you suggest trying with python 2.7 or 3.5?


Highly suggest 3.5. There's no* reason to keep using 2.7

* some might not agree :wink:


I know its a bit easier+ thats what codeacademy use, but I'll try with 3.5. I think I'll finish the tutorial first, im at 80% but cant solve median ): . btw is the codeacademy tutorial helps with games too? cuz I dont even know how to put a picture for characters in a game...


The pygame website contains documentation + tutorial. If you need help with median, you should create a new topic on the codecademy for it


He did :wink:


I was just going to look at the forum after i replied to some topics i still had to, but it seems you already answered it :slight_smile: