Games of Chance Challenge Project (Python)

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The solutions file won’t open on my computer.

I have version 3.8 installed on my computer and am trying to install 2.7.17 but don’t know if I’m doing it correctly. After installing, when I go to open it asks to repair python 2.7 and the installation repeats?

I read that 2.7 is needed to view the solutions but I’m a bit stuck at the moment, would appreciate some insight into what I’m doing wrong.


Looking at the code, it seems to be made for python3. Do you get errors when you try to run the code in python3.8? Where does it say you need python2 for this solution to work?

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Oh I checked the page setting up Python with Codecademy and it mentioned most will only be compatible with python 2, but that’s great it was made for 3.

I followed the link to the solution and tried to open the file, but the python app just blinks and closes every single time, so I cannot view the code.

To view the code, you can just open the file using a text-editor

there is no reason for the window to stay open after its executed the program, so you might want to run this script from the command line.

Oh okay that worked, thank you. I appreciate your patience with a python newbie. Have a great weekend!

wait? That was it? Usually people then struggle to run there programs from command line.

nice that you figured it out on your own :slight_smile: Strange as it may sound, but the less i help you, the better it actually is. Programming is about problem solving and figuring things out

Thank you, you too :slight_smile:

Oh I just wanted to be able to view the code :laughing:. I did, however, just paste the solution code and tried to run it on the command line but got a few errors. I think I’ll need to look into that a bit myself. Like you said, I’d prefer to try and figure it out myself first since that is the best way to learn. If I hit a wall I will reach back out, but thank you so much for your help!

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that’s my code.

not the most elegant, but i’m proud of it… :slight_smile:


Here is what I ended up with:


Here’s my code. Was a fun little project and learnt some stuff along the way like deleting array objects and only getting the first few characters of a string.

My code! Good luck everyone!

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My first go at this thing.


My first coding project! Learnt alot from this!

Here’s my attempts, pretty happy with this! Its well commented so anyone struggling feel free to take a look :slight_smile:

Nice, lestrang, this looks great! I wrote this project, so it’s cool to see what people are doing with it - really clever way of making the deck of cards.

If you want to continue adding on to this project, I might consider separating the code that checks whether they have enough money into a separate function. This might be helpful since you use it multiple times!

Good work!

Thanks for the feedback, its great to get a positive comment from the person who wrote it themselves!

Yes agree, I need to think ahead more about when its worth making a new function and how I can save myself time. I love this course it really builds up your knowledge quickly so you keep up the good work too!

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Here’s my attempt at this project. Let me know what you think, I’m sure there is room for improvement. I had fun doing this project.

Hello All, my first attempt at this challenge. Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you :facepunch: