Game Programming?

I am looking for what career path that would involve using the most coding to help develop a game. I do not want to make my own games, I want to write the code to carry out someone else’s idea. Do I look into game programming? Game development? Some type of engineer? I’m new to the coding world so any help on where to start would be great! I did the quiz but it didnt really point me in the direction that I desire to go.

Thanks in advance!

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Why do people always assume such a question has a straight forward answer?

Making a game is very complicated, so there are pre-build engines you can use:

each has there own pros and cons, use different programming language and varies in platform support.

Building everything from scratch would require massive resources, effort and time.

@stetim94 I’m more looking for a direction to start with. The only thing I know so far is I started a server for DayZ and began editing the game using init files, xml files etc and googled the crap on how to do it, realized I loved doing this type of thing and decided I wanted to pursue something of this nature. So I started to google more and my long complicated trail led me here. With no one to consult with on this subject, I have come to the community forums…

So I guess basically my question would be what career that type of thing would be, writing code for games. I do not want to make a game. I want to write code. And know how to do it properly. I am willing to learn multiple languages, study computer science, and whatever is necessary to do so, but I need to know exactly what I am working towards. I know generally what I want to do. I need a direction to go in so I can find more specifics and start to learn what I have to in order for my endeavor to be successful

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I would start with learning the basics of a programming language, there are many options. Many of the large AAA games (the large games) are often written in c++.

unreal engine also uses c++, so learning c++ is something you could pursue.

there are so many options, variants and paths possible. There isn’t one way to go about this

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You’ll need some combination of: strength in particular languages (C++ is excellent, but you may need to know more than just this), maths (for 3d stuff etc.), AI potentially (which kind of implies maths and statistics as well), and maybe some strong design background.

You could do the thing where you look at what game companies are looking for in new employees to get a ballpark idea of the background/qualifications you need.

However it’s like stetim says it’s a really wide-open question and it’s hard to point in any one direction. Maybe check out the CS50 yt lecture series on it as a starting point.

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I agree with @toastedpitabread, it takes a combination of strengths to make a game. If your wanting to learn to code to start, I learned C++ to get a good grasp on the fundamentals, mean while I researched what kind of jobs are on the market and got a better understanding of them to determine more of a skill set to work towards. Codecademy has a pretty solid curriculum and I am happy I committed.