Game Help Information

Hello to the Codecademy community! I’m not sure what to say so I’ll dive right in. I would like to create a simple game using JavaScript in Sublime Text 3. I am curious as to what coding languages I would need to learn to do this.

First off, I am fairly new to coding, so if this is not possible, just tell me.

Some specific points of interest to me:

I would prefer to be able to run the file offline. (As in being able to play without a browser.)

I would like to know how, if possible, to convert a sublime file into an application (.exe file).

As I stated before I would like to mainly utilize JavaScript, but if this isn’t possible, please point it out and tell what I do need to learn.

javascript is mainly used for two things, front end web development and back end web development.

i would seriously consider pick another language, the only option you have here is js → unity (unity support js, but then it is unityscript), but then personally i would learn c# (the main language of unity)

sublime is a text-editor, it has very little to do with a .exe file.

the question is: does the language you choice allowing compiling into a .exe file?

you could also consider c++, or an already existing game engine