Game Development

Hey guys,
I’m interested in game development but I’m not quite sure what languages I have to learn to begin as a developer. Also, is game developing like game designing? I’m not quite sure which path is the way forward.
Could someone clear all this for me?
Thanks in advance.


Look into unity
developement is going to be lots of math/geometry/physics


Well if you do use Unity, Unity uses C# to create games, but it supports other languages too. C# and C++ are both similar, so if you have experience with C++, you should be able to understand C# concepts in game making within Unity, and the language is simpler.

But I’d mainly learn C++ since other game engines use it and it’s one of the most used languages in game development. Also, Codecademy teaches the language! :slight_smile:

Also: Unity has lessons on their website that should help you out when beginning to use the software, so that’s nice too :slight_smile:


I’m always mixing up unity and unreal!
Can’t really go wrong I suppose!


Or you can stick to HTML5 game development, so you only need to know HTML, CSS and Javascript.
(CSS and HTML to give the website a look, like on transformice)
Here’s a game I made on the HTML canvas (move with A and D and space to shoot).

Hope this helps :grinning:


Thanks for the advice! Your game was great!


Game Development is a very big topic. You need to have knowledge of programming languages. Nowadays there are many game engines that made game development slightly easier. But still, you need to learn some programming languages
There are two main types of programming for game development that you should pay attention to- what is known as system programming and web programming.

System programming

  • C ++
  • C#
  • JAVA
  • LUA

Web-based game development

  • HTML
  • CSS

Now you need to choose programming languages that are suitable for you.
If you want to know about all these languages in detail, then click on the above link

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hi Noellesilva, two years ago i was also at this stage and by my experience I’ve learned lot of things in game dev journey.
first- if you like game visuals means how you game would look like , for example, if you like Hollywood style games then you definitely go for unreal engine which support c++ as well as c# (Remember : c++ is a industry level language so make sure to give it preference).
i also shifted from unity to unreal engine not only because unreal engine supports c++ but also there are lots of bugs in Unity and most of them remains unsolved because unity community is not focusing on solving these issues but they just consider new features as their main goal so that is a big problem ------
so i will highly recommend to you unreal engine because it not only solves bugs in it but also this engine is most often used in game development industry

Hello everyone,
I want to become a game developer and I was looking through the pathways and I started the Computer Science pathway just to get me started. I came on this forum to get some feedback and see if that was the right move and if it isn’t then what should I be learning?

Look into unity
developement is going to be lots of math/geometry/physics