Game Development Path?

Hello everyone!

I am sure this question has been asked a lot but: what Codecademy courses should I take if my goal is to become involved in game development?

I know this is vague but hopefully these details will make what I want a bit clearer:

  • I want to develop console games.
  • I know that I may not get my pick of genre but if I had to choose a focus…RPG.
  • I want to be involved more with the programming of games rather than their design. Don’t get me wrong: I am willing to learn things for both if it is necessary.

I understand that wanting to enter the game industry is an arduous goal to pursue. I intend on learning things outside of Codecademy once I have more time on my hands yet I won’t make the mistake of being obsessed with success. Trust me, if I find my talent lacking, I will pursue a different career. Whatever happens though, I intend on using what I learn here to make a brighter future for myself! :grin:

Edit #1: I know there may be topics like this one and I apologize for not posting on them. I had trouble finding them on the forum page.


Hello, and welcome to Codecademy!

If you want to make games using programming, start with either Python or C++.

If you want to make games using web, start with HTML, then CSS, then JS.

I hope this helps =)


Such a path would be really nice!
Though I do understand that this is a quite complex topic.


Not necessarily. I could get completed pending on what you’re doing. That is just starting out language wise.

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Wow! That would be really cool.

Well I know some C / C++ and some Python. Though mainly I have been focussing on JavaScript and HTML / CSS. I did some Java a while back as well. Just lately that I have decided to get back to programming. Language-wise I don’t know. C/C++ or Python would be fine. Maybe even Java.

For game development however, I think C/ C++ is still widely used. For mobile apps and games probably JavaScript and C#. Though I was mainly thinking of real game development, not so much of mobile apps… :smiley:


As compared to fake? What do you mean by real? Webpage style?

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No. :slight_smile: With real I meant computer games or things like that. Not mobile apps or mobile games. Probably should have clarified. Sorry about that.


Its okay. I just misunderstood. So you’re going JS then? Nice! Hope you create that game!

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I am trying to refine my Web Developer skills, so I am going that for now. While I am quite familiar with HTML and CSS, I need to get my JavaScript and PHP up to track. :slight_smile: Than I will see if I make a game with JavaScript or maybe with C/C++…

Thanks for your help and advice.


Your welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

If have any HTML/CSS/JS questions, I will do my best to answer them!

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That’s good to know. I am sure I will have a few… especially regarding JavaScript, as I had tried to get into it before and struggled somewhat.