Game Dev skill-path final project

Hey there, I’m finally done with my skill path and nearly finished the Fast Foodie game for the last project.
There are a few things I don’t understand.

  1. Why does the fullness meter keep displaying after finishing the tween to go away to the left?
  2. How does it work to let all served customers to the right, and let the next customer show up on the right? My tries let all customers on the screen go to the left in a strange way.

I had no time left to end the game and implment the wave system don’t bother about that. I’m happy about every little help!!


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Hi, I’m doing the the last project for the Game-Dev skill path but I’m having issues understanding step 27 not sure if I got it correctly, would you mind helping me?

Thanks in advance

This is how I did step 27, I used 50 and 100 just for testing, but when I call placeFood method it doesnt display anything yet :confused:

  placeFood(food, fullnessValue) {
        if(gameState.currentMeal.children.entries.length < 3 &&  gameState.customerIsReady === true) {
            let Xposition = gameState.tray.x;
            switch(gameState.currentMeal.children.entries.length) {
                case 1:
                    Xposition += 50;
                case 2:
                    Xposition += 100;

            gameState.currentMeal.create(Xposition, gameState.tray.y, food);
            gameState.currentMeal.fullnessValue += fullnessValue;