Galvanize Bootcamp

How do I find/start galvanize bootcamp?

I want to do the galvanize bootcamp but I can’t find it. The link sent to me by galvanize just takes me back to where I left off on a different codecademy track I started.

When you are logged in, what does this page look like for you:

A screenshot would be helpful.

I’m having the same problem. Here’s what that page looks like for me while logged in.

I also contacted Galvanize. They’re stumped too.

What do you get when you click on My Path?

Same page. Not sure what’s going on.

Kyle and Martina, I'm going to move this thread over to the "site problems" section and call for some help.

@CommunityManagers -- could you have a look at this one please?


I have a fix for this. It’s going out shortly.

Once it’s out, just click the button on again.


Looks like the link is fixed! Thanks!

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