Funny Error


Hi, I was working on the lesson: 5. Show a tag and got a funny error: wrong number of arguments (0 for 1..4) What dose this mean and how can I fix it?


Hi Awk888,

Thanks for including a link to the exercise!
Could you please post your code for the section causing the error?

The error means that it's expecting some more input, and can't do anything without it. Like, if you were to do something like:

<%= form_for do |f| %>
  <!-- stuff -->
<% end %>

it would throw an error about the number of arguments, since it's expecting to know what the form is for :)


Thanks for repling Zystvan, the code I had was this:

  <% @tags.each do |t| %>
  <div class="card col-xs-4">
    <%= image_tag t.image %>
    <h2><%= t.title %></h2>
  <% end %>