Funnels Usage with Warby Parker - SQL Project

Funnels Usage with Warby Parker

This project is part of a CodeCademy course on SQL. Feel free to check out the code and the presentation here. Your feedback is much appreciated.

In this project, we’ll work on data from Warby Parker, the glasses manufacturer.

Quiz Funnel

The first step a customer comes through is to complete a 5-question quiz which represents a style quiz to help customers find their perfect frame. Our funnel analysis here demonstrates the completion rate for each question and suggests what might be changed about the quiz to increase the overall completion rate.

Purchase Funnel

After the style quiz, the customers get to the home try-on stage and then the purchase. Our funnel analysis here demonstrates the conversion rate from each stage to the next and we also conduct an A/B test during the home try-on stage to find out whether or not users who get more pairs to try on at home will be more likely to make a purchase.

Most Common Style

This part of the analysis would get us to know which style is most common when it comes to quiz answers and actual purchases.