Fundamentals of HTML: Web Development Foundations

Hello all,
I am stuck on #2 and would like the help if not the answer. I put:

I still cannot get the box to turn green.

Hi, there!

Is this a lesson or exam you’re referring to? If it’s an exam question, we cannot provide the answer but can guide you to better understand the question. Could you post the lesson link or question?

The Fashion Blog is a self-guided “mini-project.” Any task you complete, you would check off yourself.

After step 2, you should have:

<!DOCTYPE html>


If that is what you have, go ahead and check it off by clicking anywhere in step 2’s instructions. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks that helped a lot.

What does it mean when it says special characters must be escaped?

Mmm, I believe you would need to ensure all of your tags have closing or opening < or >

I believe it’s referring to using escape characters in content (in an element or attribute) for “<“, “>”, and “&”, or:


Some documentation about escaping characters in html (and xhtml, xml):


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