Fundamentals of HTML Assessment

Hi! I recently started Codecademy’s Front-End course. I took the HTML Assessment and there were a couple questions that I did not remember being presented in the Codecademy HTML lessons. Now that I have moved on to the CSS course, I am finding things that were asked about in the HTML Assessment that I’m pretty sure were not presented before that assessment.
One of these instances is the use of CSS inline style in HTML tags, as in recoloring font of a paragraph section. The second is the use of the id attribute being, as stated in the CSS lesson, “In contrast to class which accepts multiple values, and can be used broadly throughout an HTML document, an element’s id can only have a single value, and only be used once per page.”
These two points were not major stumbling blocks for me, but I thought I’d mention it because it might behoove someone to doublecheck that the HTML assessment is only made up of the information presented in the lessons. I’m a teacher myself and I’d want to know if my course had skill questions on the wrong assessment. Hope this helps!