Fundamentals of Cybersecurity Beta

Welcome to the beta test for Fundamentals of Cybersecurity!
In this course you’ll learn the fundamental concepts to become a Cybersecurity professional.
To that end allow me to introduce @sargould and @mr.jon_chery who worked to create this course. They’re here to answer any questions you have.

As a reminder you can find an explanation of the process for beta testing here.


Do you guys know when the image placeholders will be replaced with the actual content for that image?

Looks like there’s also some on the actual lessons that either aren’t loading or also aren’t added just yet:


Most of the missing art will be in early next week as we’re still finalizing some of the graphics. Likely around Wednesday next week at the latest.

Thanks for going through the content! Please let me know if there’s other feedback you have (especially about the order of content, how easy it is to understand, and which parts aren’t as engaging).


Awesome, thank you! :smile: