Fundamentals of CSS -> Learn CSS: Selectors and Visual Rules -> Olivia Woodruff Portfolio, Interface issue

Summery of the report: Within this and all end of lesson projects before, whenever there is a large amount of text to type and the lesson provides the text, I am unable to select the text by clicking and dragging. It only happens with steps that have the text within a HTML <code> tag. What happens is I am able to drag and select text, but on mouse-up, the highlight goes away and the step is toggled complete/not complete. I am unable to select the text from those elements, which makes me unable to copy the text to paste into my project.

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Steps to Reproduce:

  1. In lesson, find step that have text to copy within a <code> tag element.
  2. Try to highlight text to copy.

Fix or Workaround:
I have resorted to inspecting the element to copy in the dev tools and copying it from there, which can be a pain as they are nested within <span> tags.

Please attach screenshots
The image shows the section(s) I am talking about.

(This has happened in both the HTML and CSS sections so far).

Happens to me too. Quite painful. What I do is copy the whole step (from the number at the beginning til the end) paste it in text edit and then copy the part I need. Codecademy, please, fix this :-*