Fundamentals of CSS: Display and Positioning -- exercises fail to fully demonstrate concepts

I am going through the Fundamentals of CSS course, and it increasingly seems to me that the activities in the section on Display and Positioning don’t seem to appropriately demonstrate the topics.

For instance, page 8 is on Inline Display, and it tells us that tags like em and strong are inline and finishes up by saying that CSS can be used to make block elements act as though they’re inline. (Note: it doesn’t actually say “block elements” at this point.) The activity has us put the strong tag around a word in a sentence. Yes, it is on topic, but it doesn’t really accomplish anything other than to show us what we already know (if you tag something as strong, the only thing that will happen is that it will be bolded). This exercise doesn’t actually demonstrate the concepts in any meaningful way.

Every exercise in this section seems to fail similarly to meaningfully demonstrate the concepts discussed.

@codecademy could you advise?

Now that I finished that section, I would like to note that not all of the pages were that way. The exercises on the last couple pages did actually provide a meaningful demonstration of the concepts.
(I would also like to note that I so far find the Fundamentals of CSS course to be quite good, and the practice exercises are generally quite appropriate in my opinion.)