File "python", line 4
int p
SyntaxError: invalid syntax


 int p ;
 printf("enter the value of p\n");


this doesn't look very python-ish, this looks like C

where is your int main function?


Then also it is showing error

By the way i m begginer
So i m facing small hurdles


but you can't run C code in a python interpreter? That will go wrong

you took a picture of your screen using a camara? You never heard of print screen? There should be a button on your computer for this, and then you can just paste this image directly to the forum


So can you help me out of these?

Code in python language..


well, if you want to code in python, you need to use python syntax. Sort of like real languages, try to speak english (C syntax) to a french person (python interpreter) won't work given the french person won't understand a word you are saying


Please recommend a list of python syntaxes


the python course? Courses on other sites? Official python docs? So many sources for python syntax


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