Functions, return and if / else


The statement needs to return "True". I am not understanding what I'm missing in my code or what it is required from me.

Oops, try again. Hmm, it looks like your quarter function doesn't return -25 for -100.

// Define quarter here.
var qaurter = function(number)
    return number/4
if (quarter() % 3 === 0 ) {
  console.log("The statement is true");
} else 
  console.log("The statement is false");



if (quarter() % 3 === 0 )

you can't call quarter without argument given quarter function has a parameter

also here:

var qaurter = function(number)

you misspelled quarter

And finally, besides logging "The statement is true") to the console, you also need to return true


Thanks for the help,

I kept entering a number inside the e.g. below:

if (quarter(12) % 3 === 0 )

but because of that spelling mistake it kept failing! :frowning:

so I will now double check my spelling!!!

Thanks again.