simple problem it's not printing 1 in terminal why?
def makeOne():
return 1

x =makeOne
print x


A function is a value, you can create variables that refer to functions, and you can print them. It won't show the code, but it'll show something.

Usually, the use for functions is to call them. This causes their code to run, and when they are done they return a result that can be used in some way, for example you can print it.


so how would i fix this code to print it in terminal


You have a function, right.
What would you like to do with your function?
Run it? How do you do that?

You have to start somewhere. Consider what it is you want to do (refer to instructions) and work on doing that one small piece at a time. Remember that you can google if you're wondering how to do something, or otherwise look for examples in the instructions.


would you know how fix this code?