Function not being called


When I call intro() it is not showing up in the Shell. I defined my function and called it ( at least from what I can see). Any suggestions or guidance would be appreciated.

#import the module 'random' to generate random numbers
from random import randint

#define intro
def intro():
    ("Welcome to my Lottery Number Generator.\n") #\n is to tab

#def main 
def main():
    #call intro

    #declare list to step through randomly generating a number between 0-9
    lottery_number = [randint(0,9) for i in range(7)]
    #declare variable
    count = 0

    #use the while loop
    while count < 7:
        count += 1 #This is the same as count = count + 1

#call main so user doesn't have to



It’s actually newline which is a line-feed and carriage return combined.

Should it be printed to the display?


I’m going to go haze myself now. Thank you @mtf.


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