Function Junction


Please tell me what's wrong

def tax(bill):
bill *= 1.08
print "Eggs" % bill
return bill

def tip(bill):
bill *= 1.15
print "Eggs" % bill
return bill

meal_cost = 100
meal_with_tax = tax(meal_cost)
meal_with_tip = tip(meal_with_tax)



Please check out this thread What good are fnctions?


I've checked, but that's still saying this is wrong. (i'm brazilian, my english is not very good)



Kindly post what you've tried out. Use the code format feature while posting your code.

Thank you! :slight_smile:



Look for both instance of

you could do:

print "Eggs: %f" % bill

so that you return a float format or

print "Eggs: %d" % bill

to return integer.

Let me know if this resolves.


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