Function Junction. Yes, I am having issues here


To print "Eggs!", yet this is not happening for reasons I don't understand.

# Define your spam function starting on line 5. You
# can leave the code on line 11 alone for now--we'll
# explain it soon!

def spam():
    """The cake is a lie"""
    print "Eggs!"

# Define the spam function above this line.


Did you try calling the function?



That makes a syntax error, and nothing else changes


Did you change this line?

"""What goes best with Spam?"""


Yes. I even copy and pasted the """What goes best with Spam?""" from your reply.


There is not much a person can do wrong with this exercise. Perhaps try resetting and do it over. Be sure to leave all the provided code as is.


Realised what I did wrong later. I had deleted spam() at the end of the code, out of habit. Didn't seem like it had much purpose to me.


The instructions were pretty clear about leaving that line alone.


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