Function Help


function takeOrder(topping, crustType) {
  console.log("Order: pizza topped with" + topping);
  console.log("Order: thin crust topped with" + crustType);
takeOrder("bacon", "crustType");


you forgot to add a space at the end, therefore the output would be "Order: pizza topped withcrustType and"Order: thin crust topped withbacon"


and also, you should specify your problem in your post, what type of error are you getting? what should it do to be "working"...the problem here isn't specified, so i guessed that Codecademy isn't accepting your Output


This is a good thing to bring up.
I also want to point out that

doesn't make that much sense, because you say it's thin crust, and then you add the crust type.
My suggestion:
Have one console.log statement, and inside of it, write something like

"Order: " + crustType + " pizza topped with " + topping


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