Function groceries()

Hey guys! I’ve been looking all over the forums and I haven’t been able to find some to the groceries function in the

JavaScript Practice: Arrays, Loops, Objects, Iterators"

  • “Practice intermediate JavaScript concepts with these 3 code challenges.”

… the most I have been able to do is loop through each value, but I get stuck around that point… I’m not necessarily asking for the answer or solution but maybe a direction for me to go, or maybe something can help me that I may be over looking. Thank you so much!

Hello! Could you post the instructions to the question, please? One good thing I find to do if I’m stuck is to write pseudo code. This is basically just instructions written out for you to do the task by hand(but make it sound codey if you can). Then, after that, it’s easier to turn pseudo code into real code.

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for sure! Thank you! I have a huge problem with thinking too far in the code and not taking it step by step…

Do you have any initial thoughts on how to do it? Hint: You’d need to use a loop (of course). You may need to make use of the object.key syntax to get the value.

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I tried groceries( ) and wrote like this, but ‘Check answer’ said it has some syntax error ,
I know my coding is not so elegant and already saw example answer coding (so elegant!) .
But, I wanna know which part is error in my code. Help me…!

const groceries = arr => {
  let newMap = [];
  let newText = '';
  for(i = 0; i < arr.length; i++){
  let lastTwoItems = `${newMap[newMap.length-2]} and ${newMap[newMap.length-1]}`

  if(newMap.length === 2){
  } else if (newMap.length === 1){
  } else if (newMap.length > 2){
    newText = newMap[0];
   for(i = 1; i < arr.length-2; i++){
     newText = newText + ', ' + newMap[i];
    console.log(`${newText}, ${lastTwoItems}`);

groceries( [{item: 'Carrots'}, {item: 'Hummus'}, {item: 'Pesto'}, {item: 'Rigatoni'}] );
// returns 'Carrots, Hummus, Pesto and Rigatoni'

groceries( [{item: 'Bread'}, {item: 'Butter'}] );
// returns 'Bread and Butter'

groceries( [{item: 'Cheese Balls'}] );
// returns 'Cheese Balls'

It doesn’t seem like you’ve got a syntax error. Could you post a screenshot of this, please?

This is screenshot

I see. The way CC gives those warnings is very spurious. Try changing the console.log() to returns. It’s likely that CC wants you to return the values, rather than console.log the values.

Thanks for your help!
I tried again by changing console.log() to return … Its still saying syntax error.

I wrote something wrong?

I’m glad to hear my this coding seems almost working, although I’m newbie and my coding is not so excellent.
Actually, this is my first asking at forum!

Can you post a screenshot of the instructions, please?

(notice, and nerk004268602263104 is same person. I changed Username recently.)

this is instructions

Hi Neutrino,

I too am stuck with this.

I get the concept is to loop through the values and to somehow separate the last item in the array (hence arr.length -1) somehow so it can be logged. Very stuck

Here’s my code

> function groceries (arr, item) {
>   let fullGroc = ''
>   for (let i = 0; i < arr.length - 1; i++) {
>     fullGroc.push(arr[i])
>   }
>   return fullGroc
> }

You’ll want to use a mixture of control flow (ifelse ifelse) and for loops. Depending on the length of the array of grocery items, you’ll need to change how you loop through and log.

Looks like you didn’t define “i” in your loop. I hope that helps.

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Thanks Neutrino, but I don’t get why the length of the array matters - surely what matters here is the position of each object/element of the array (as the last one should have ‘&’ before it

True. But there are two ways to approach this. The way involving logic is easier, but less efficient.