Function Declarations Error?

I am trying to do the exercise 3 part 7 titled Function Declarations. When I first enter the page I receive the following error message and then it will not let me enter any code no matter which option I choose on the error message box. Is this a bug in the system?

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Not sure on this end what the cause may and can only speculate as to a work around. What happens when you Reset Files? (You may have to start the track from the beginning.)

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I have the same issue. Already reseted it, oyu start from the beginning and then come back to the same problem: “the greaterThan.js file has been moved” .
I have reported a bug yesterday…not sure if I will have any feedback, but let´s hope.

I’m having the same problem. When i clicked Reset Files nothing notable happened, pizza.js from previous exercise remains visible but still can’t access greaterThan.js and I am therefore not able to complete this part of the course :frowning:

In this exercise, it seems that the greaterThan.js file is missing. I have tried resetting the files, deleting cookies, cache, going to incognito mode, and resetting the previous exercises, yet, the file is still missing. Am I doing something wrong? Or is it a problem on the server side?


I also have this problem :frowning:

Ok well I am glad I am not the only one having this problem. I reported the bug as well so hopefully it gets fixed so we can keep learning!

Well I just tried again and the first time it was the same error and results as before then I went back in from the main page and it works correctly now. Dunno what happened! Hope it gets fixed for everyone else too.