Fun with functions, error message but "Hello" prints


Oops, try again.It looks like 'Hello!' wasn't logged to the console. Make sure that
you properly defined the method and that you didn't change any of the
provided code.

function Person(job, married) {
    this.job = job;
    this.married = married;
    // add a "speak" method to Person!
    this.speak = function(){
var user = new Person("Codecademy Student",false);


On this line. the instruction asked you to print "Hello!" not "Hello"

You for forgot to add the exclamation mark after your hello.


Ah yes. Life is in the details!


Hey, did this work for you after you corrected the"!" ? I get the same error message with the correction and exactly this code...


The same applies to me.Am really stuck at this place.Please,someone should bail us out