Fulltext engine for Rails

Hello dear codecademy pairs,

I am starting a Rails project, and trying to find a fulltext engine that has friendly setup and also complete documentation. I am trying Solr, but the documentation I’ve found really lacked details (like a complete and careful explanation of all data types I can create on Rails, at the “searchable” attribute (at the model I want to index).

So I had the idea of asking this here, in case someone can point me to a better doc on Solr.

I’ve also checked Elasticsearch, but it seems way harder to understand and to setup.

My project will have searches with a lot of filters (facets), and the dataset will not be huge, so I am willing to choose an engine that’s simple to understand and maintain, but yet powerfull in search features.

I have experience with Sphinx, but I am willing to try something new now.

Can anyone help?

Thanks a lot, folks