Fullstack Career Path or Backend + Frontend?

I just finished the Introduction to JS course, I’m already enrolled in Learn React which I aim to finish by the end of the month. I’m now planning ahead to enroll in a career path.
I was thinking to enroll in the Full-stack Career Path which are 145 lessons, with the idea to learn more about both backend and frontend.
However I see that enrolling separately into Back-end Career Path and Front-end Career Path I would sum up a total of 221 lessons.

Did anyone have a similar thinking? What decision did you take? Any suggestions/tips about the specific career paths?


Whatever you think would be best. Back end is of course the more complex stuff that makes the application/website run. Front end is what gives it cosmetics and the stuff you see.

If you think you want to see what both are like, go with the Fullstack Path. Or if you’re up for the challenge, do Front end and Back end

Hi wafflejz!
thank you for your answer.
I think to have a clear idea on the difference between backend and frontend as in web development. What I was actually in doubt on, was if it would be more efficient to follow both the courses separately or to follow the full-stack career path instead. Having this last one less lessons compared to the other two combined I couldn’t help but wonder if it would result in a less complete overview of the subjects.
Hence, I made 3 tables of all the lessons covered by each one of those career paths and highlighted the common lessons between them.
Here’s the result:

Based on this, I think I am definitely going to enroll in the backend engineer course first, lots of subjects specific to it, many about security, which I think it’s an absolutely essential skill nowadays, then I could just as easily cover the frontend engineer course, considering that almost a third is in common with the backend path, it should be quick, finally I will enroll in the fullstack course in order to review everything learned so far and check out those lessons specific to it.
Let’s see if I can do it all by the end of May. :stuck_out_tongue: