Full Stack Path Learner question

Hi guys! I’m currently on my 3d week of my Full Stack Path. So far I’ve been loving it. I’m finding more and more that front end, CSS its not the most appealing for me so that part of the syllabus I’m taking it very lightly. Would it be worth it to skip it? or it’d be better to have a rough understanding of the topic? I guess I’m leaning more towards the back-end side of things. Any comments, suggestions or experience with the path will be appreciated!

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More than skip I’d tab it to just come back when you have more energy. I do things more towards back-end but there are times where knowing good-enough base css helped.


I’m not sure if you can skip it but so far personally I’ve realized that there are so many ways create CSS code easier with various frameworks like Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, etc. It is good to understand how CSS works in general, how it is intertwined with HTML. It is an essential part of web development I would say and as a beginner 'm not a fan of it either but I stick with it.

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Considering the effort and the attention the community of developers give to it , I would highly suggest you to stick with it.