Full stack or front end and back end? How to chose?

If I want to learn full stack it seems to me that learning both back end and front end as well as possible should be best.
All three of the courses are listed as taking six months so it seems to me that the full stack skips out on some things.

Has anyone taken both the full stack and at least one of the others? What do you miss out on by taking full stack?

I guess i should have asked this earlier since I’m already 30 or so hours in but better late then never.

I asked this question today through an email to support. This is part of the answer kindly sent by Noel:

The Full-Stack is essentially condensed with the information from both of the separate Paths with the focus and expectation that you want to be a Full-Stack engineer. The separate Paths are more of a deeper dive into each end with the approach that you want to be a specifically a Front-End or Back-End engineer.

If you’re not worried about time and want to learn both, I would recommend taking the separate paths to get the most information possible. If your goal is just to be a Full Stack engineer, then I would recommend the condensed Path that mixes in the information from both.

Yeah. I probably should have done both but now I’m already pretty far into full stack. Might take a look at the other two when I finish if needed. I saw in another post that it’s easy to skip over stuff you have already learned on the site.

How did you do? Are you happy with that choice?

You’re welcome. I was also thinking about doing both, but get this. Enroll in the front-end career path and then check the syllabus. You’ll see that all the lessons/reading/projects you took during Full-Stack are considered done. So I realized that I could continue on doing the Full-Stack course and then check for new material that is available on either front-end or back-end. They have a ton of material in common. You’ll see.
Right now I’m at 6% for Full-Stack and 7% for Front-End. That’s because I did HTML on front-end and Java I on Full-Stack and this is common ground for both courses. I’m happy with Full-Stack since I want to have a general idea of the whole web development process.

Sounds great!
I’ll do the same. Im also on 6% full stack now. Will finish this before I look at the others.