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I do not know were to put this so I am putting it here. There is no location for full stack engineering.

I would like to make to make the inspect source code look like this

On the bottom with a left right screen, not up down.
Also I am having problems with Echo and chrome

I can use Firefox ok but more than 3 tabs and I get the infinite blue circle. Tor I can use 10 tabs ok

Hi there,

So, I’m not quite sure what’s going on with your browser issue–perhaps try clearing cache or cookies?

On the other hand, for changing the orientation of Chrome DevTools:
Click the three dots:

Then in Dock side select “Dock to bottom”

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Look at the two snips, one of the snips is what I see. That is the one were the the html menu goes all of the way from left to right on a single line.
The second one is from the video and shows the html js split right to midway and from midway shows the other half of the screen. As is in the second snip I would like to split my screen vertically not horizontally.

Thank you

Oh, okay. I see what you’re asking now.

Click on the tool option

Once you’re looking at settings, be sure to be in preferences and then for panel layout select vertical.

That should be what you’re looking for!


Thank you very much :smiley:
This is much easier to work with in the vertical mode.

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