Full Stack Engineering Course

So I started the full stack engineering course I’m guessing around 2-3 weeks ago. I have been in the process of starting a new job (Not CS/ IT related) and moving into a new apartment and I am married with one kid, SO its been a bumpy process trying to consistently work on my career path/ coding.

More to the point, Just some questions, The Full stack engineering course started of very well but after the first couple of lessons, here they are talking about JavaScript and just brushing over it in a rather general sense. They also offer a whole course on JavaScript.

I’m at a loss here on whether I should be continuing with the Full Stack course, and just trying to understand everything at more of like a general level or is it better to dive into these other lessons, like the one on JavaScript, really learn about them and be able to use these applications before moving forward with my full stack career path?

I am completely new to coding and this is the career path that code academy felt fit me best so I am just trying to be proficient and progress through the lessons on here properly. any help or tips for a a brand new coder would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Hello @object7276710471 , welcome to the forums! As far as I know, there aren’t many lessons in the Learn JavaScript course that aren’t in the Full Stack career path, so just take it slowly, and don’t be afraid to revisit lessons. Also, do as many projects as you can, as this will help cement the knowledge you’re learning.


Adding to what Codeneutrino said, if you are new to computer science and programming in general, it might be better for you to start with the Coding Fundamentals path and the Computer Science path


Thanks to both of you! Yea, I am completely new to this, I love what I am learning and doing but its hard to know exactly where to go. I hear you on making projects as well! I don’t fully plan to gain a CS degree at the moment because I am in a waiting period for right now as far as getting my job to help pay for the classes I would need to obtain the degree, So I know building a good portfolio full of projects is very important. I don’t believe I am quite at the project building stage yet, but I am working towards it. If you guys have any thing else, tips or anything like that for a completely new coder, I am all ears. Thanks!

Hi There, I am in the same position. I already know quite a lot about javascript, HTML CSS and a few other languages, but i have been out of the game for a couple of years and need to brush up, and I picked up this course to catch up… but when getting to the JavaScript section, it totally brushes over it… Asks you to buy a “javascript and jQuery” book for $40, if thats not bad enough, the next lesson it just shows with a link to MDN Web Docs. Is there any help from Code Academy staff to explain this at all. I feel like I have missed something, I would not mind but I have paid to learn this and I get links, seems very strange

I actually asked about this and I was told the references to the “JavaScript & JQuery” book are completely optional. I do understand that because the course keeps recommending it chapter after chapter it does seem like mandatory, but it’s supposed to be supplemental material.

The book they recommend is well written, but there are also some free JavaScript books you might find useful, such as https://eloquentjavascript.net/. You might also try to check out a paper or electronic JavaScript book from your local library, if that’s realistic where you are.

Good luck!

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Did you end up pausing your full stack course?Did you start the javascript course?im glad to hear theres more people like me with a job, bills, mortgage , and a family to take care of first. but we can still have time to improve ourselves.

I personally think that we shouldn’t rush it; we Have time to do it right. I can’t continue a course when they’re expecting me to already know javascript. I think when you fully understand or have an understanding of the basics is better than not knowing what the heck they’re talking about in the full stack course or any of that matter. id probably waste time googling it when theres a course to learn just that.