Full-Stack Engineer

Hello together,

my name is Daniel and i am 35 years old.
I’m currently go through the Full-Stack Engineer career path.

I passed the “Web Development Foundations” which includes the fundamentals of HTML and CSS pretty “easy”.
Was really fun.
I passed the exam with 88% and im completely fine with that ;).

But then i found my kryptonite :slight_smile: .

Right in the very first part of the “Building Interactive Website” called “JavaScript Syntax, Part 1” i am so lost.
I just went through even though i didn’t know what im doing.

After the “Web Development Foundations” i was really exited to finally write code :wink: but man i got humbled lol.
Im going through the “JavaScript Syntax, Part 1” a second time and my understanding gets a little better.
The hardest part for me are functions. I guess its practice, practice and practice.

I’m not complaining just want to share my “story” and maybe someone went through the same?!

Most important is i am still motivated.

What’s with you guys? :wink:

Hi David,

I’m Stacey. I’m going thru the same course but I just finished HTML. Like you I was thinking this was easy and thought all of it would be easy. You just burst my bubble. How long has it taken you to get this far? I’m wondering how long it normally takes to get thru the course and still retain the knowledge.