Full-Stack Engineer React-Redux exercise 'Expense Tracker'

It took me 2 days to complete This Full-Stack Engineer React-Redux exercise ‘Expense Tracker’. I found it as challenging as I expected - which is very challenging!

I understand the big picture and there’s still lots to go back and look at. I’ve talked about why React is challenging here.

Again, I found I got a lot more out of this exercise by copying the source into Visual Studio Code before starting, which took an hour in itself - NB. - if you put all the files that don’t already exist in the /src folder, you’ll spend a lot less time troubleshooting!

Actually … I’m now using Cursor AI, which is a port of Visual Studio Code,
with an OpenAI payg account (to use gpt-4-1106 preview) and I thought, as an experiment, after completing and testing the project, I’d see how it did. It was as easy as selecting the code and typing (for the transactionsSlice.js part of the exercise.

“convert this code to use reduxjs/toolkit and combine addTransaction, deleteTransaction and transactionsReducer by using createSlice()”

To complete the whole exercise, all 8 steps, took about 3 minutes in total and OpenAI charged me US$0.05.

You can see how it did here.