Full Stack Engineer: Project at the wrong place

I have been learning from the Full Stack Engineer Career Path for a while now and I’m currently on the Web Development Fundamentals Section.

I came across this project Build Your Own Cheatsheet. I guess this is wrongly placed.
To complete this project we need to have knowledge of HTML tables and I think it’s not been covered so far in this path. So there is practically no meaning of adding this project here.

I suggest to either remove this from the path or shift it to some other place where HTML tables have been covered.

Thank You.

I expected at least a reply from the codecademy support staff that they have taken this into consideration but seems like since two days everybody is kinda busy with typescript.

I think they took it into consideration already with the description of task #1 in the project. It lists the prerequisites for the project and provides links to the courses. If someone isn’t comfortable, they can jump into those resources.


  1. To complete this project, you should have completed the Codecademy Introduction to HTML course through the HTML tables lesson, and lessons in Learn CSS: Selectors and Visual Rules.

I can’t recall if tables are specifically covered later in the Full-Stack Engineer career path, but I feel they do encourage the learner to be resourceful and to take advantage of documentation, which is very important in real-world scenarios.

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I know what it says in the description. That’s what the problem is. When it requires to learn HTML Tables and they are not in the whole Career Path, then why is that project there?

I’m following your same career path. Actually, I terminated all about front-end in the path, but the tables were never explained. I have studied it independently elsewhere. In the end, they weren’t anything that complicated. :laughing: