Full-Stack Engineer Path

Hi! Thanks for flagging. There seems to be a larger issue around progress and Customer Support and one of our product teams is looking into. My understanding is that the CS team can still see your progress and grant certificates if necessary. Hope that helps!


Someone from the team has resolved the issue. Thank you :slight_smile:


It’s disappointing to see so many Codecademy staff saying they will take onboard feedback, but clearly this feedback has been ignored.

I just started on the “Full Stack Engineer” career path and have noticed:

  1. It still begins with links to articles which are far more advanced than is needed to start logging to the console.
  2. I am still getting confusing requests to “Read Chapter X” of some book I never knew I had to get and still don’t know if I have to get and was never told I might have to get before I paid for Codecademy.

These issues have been made clear above several months ago and remain unresolved. I can understand the desire for Codecademy to want paid product placement, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of providing a clear and easy to understand course.