Full-Stack Engineer Path

I just started the Full-Stack Engineer Path and I wanted to ask if I am supposed to read the JavaScript book, because I honestly can’t pay it. I also skipped the whole “Introduction to JavaScript” where it links Node articles and others because I tried to read them and it’s pretty confusing. It seems like some advanced article. Am I supposed to read them and be able to understand them to follow along the course?
It felt off to skip that section which included the JavaScript book and other articles (which, I repeat, seemed advanced) to then find that the next topic was an introduction to JavaScript itself, starting with beginner instructions like running “console.log()”.
I honestly felt like I was left stranded for the whole ‘JavaScript and JQuery, Introduction’ till ‘Learn JavaScript Syntax: Introduction’ section (the last one being the point where I got back on track).
In addition, I just realized that the HTML was left on just a “Hello World”. Are we going back to HTML in the future?
I am sorry if I look stupid, but I like codecademy because of the exercises it gives you for you to follow along and again, I felt stranded when I was left to read some articles which I couldn’t grasp. I am hoping it will all make sense later and I’ll remember those articles and pick them up again.
Thanks for understanding.
Happy coding!


Hello @tomi.luraschi, welcome to the forums! Could you provide a link to the articles?

Greetings @codeneutrino,
These are the articles I was talking about:


Hi Tomi,

I’m a product manager at Codecademy and your feedback is incredibly valuable!

This recent release of the Full-Stack Engineer Path was the first time we offered optional external material so hearing from you about the pain points and bottlenecks helps us iterate to make our product better.

Could you speak more to the pain point around confusion with the optional material? Your specificity will help us build better features when we iterate on the feature!
We’d also love to hear more details around the feeling of being stranded with material and the ability to revisit material like the HTML you mention.

Lastly, please know that you don’t look stupid at all! In fact, providing feedback like this is exceptional and necessary to make our platform a more enjoyable and intuitive experience for all learners. Thank you so much.


Hi Natalia,

The optional material is not a problem. Quite the contrary, I think it’s a great idea to link external resources and it’s an awesome feature to look at different perspectives and explore the topics in a more in-depth manner. What I think is an issue, is placing those resources BEFORE introducing and getting into JavaScript. Because even if I read those resources, I wouldn’t know what to look at, nor know what to touch, what to “try”. It seems redundant to read all those JavaScript articles if the next thing I am going to do is run a simple:

console.log(‘My favorite pet is a cat’);

Furthermore, I think that when linking Repl.it, you should note WHY would you want to use it. What benefits does it have? After all, users are following a Career Path and it’s expected that they’ll understand why those tools are useful.

Additionally, I would suggest moving the Node chapter later on onto the Back-end section. I get that I am learning JavaScript and I need to know what I can do with Node, but it seems overwhelming with all those articles lumped together in just one section. Maybe touch the subject superficially so that later when we get to the Back-End section, hence refreshing our memories and be like “Oh, so this is Node”, getting deeper into the topic.

Last but not least, I like having a reading section and now I understand why you guys linked Jon Duckett’s (It appears later on in the JavaScript & JQuery, Chapter 1 reading section). The issue here is that one shouldn’t be left out from a section if one can’t pay for the source required to continue when already paying a subscription.

In conclusion, I think some tweaks here and there will improve the users experience. I love how Codecademy feels like one of the most (if not the most) beginner-friendly platform to learn coding, and that’s why I chose it in the first place. I fully trust that you guys will keep it that way and that’s why I am giving this feedback instead of jumping in to other platforms.

NOTE: I retract what I said about HTML since I’ve taken a glance over the syllabus and we do go over this topic. It was more of a doubt that I had when finishing this article.

I appreciate the concern.
Have a great day!


Hello, I would just like to second the point about the John Duckett JavaScript & JQuery book - I don’t feel it is reasonable to have ‘read chapter x’ as a step that counts towards our completion of the career path, when you have to pay money to buy the book. I’m sure it is an excellent book, but if you can’t/don’t want to pay a lot of money and wait for the book to arrive, it feels very disheartening to have to mark that section as completed, knowing I haven’t read the material. Is there another place in the career path that you could point us to the book perhaps, with a stress on it being an optional purchase? Perhaps you could like to some free reliable article/publication instead? (You don’t know JS on github, perhaps?). Otherwise, thanks so much for the new career path, very much enjoying it!


Hey Tomi,

I’m the Curriculum Product Manager who led the development of the Career Path improvements and oversaw the Full-Stack Engineer syllabi development. Jumping in to say thank you so much for your constructive feedback about the content!

We’re currently in the process of collecting information about how to further improve the path - and your comment is the exact kind of learner feedback that we hope for, because it is specific and helps us evaluate what is and isn’t working in the current syllabus. The Introduction to JavaScript section needs further work, so I’ll ask the team to evaluate the specific modules and content items that you’re referencing.

With regards to the Reading content items, absolutely agree that it should be made clearer that progress in and completion of the Path is not dependent on paying for additional resources. While we state that Reading content is optional at the beginning of the path, we’re working on a fix that makes it abundantly clear both at the beginning and throughout the path that this content is optional and skipping it will not negatively impact your ability to complete the path. Accessibility is incredibly important to us on the Curriculum team, so we take this feedback very seriously!

Again, thanks for taking the time to share your concerns with the team and hope that we can continue to improve your experience with the new Career Paths.




Hi Zoe!

Alright! No problem, it is my pleasure to help. I’ll wait for the payment, haha jk.
But really, thanks for discussing this issues directly with the students. It is one of the best features of Codecademy, makes us feel more connected and understood.



Hello Zoe,

I am also doing the new additions on the Full Stack Career Path now after having just completed the Web Dev Path. Overall it seems like a great improvement and contains much that I was missing. I am just wondering, what is the best way to submit feedback? For example, there are the options of Get Unstuck-Report or posting on the forum.

For example, I noticed the Fotomatic CSS project is included pretty early in the path. It includes some flexbox, media-queries CSS which hasn’t been really covered at that point. It was fine for me but I can see how it can present a little bit of a roadblock if going through the new path without experience. I would suggest to move this project a little further into the Path after those topics have been covered.


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Hey Mike!

Really appreciate your question and your example piece of feedback. Normally both options (bug reporting and posting on the forum) are good ways to flag issues and things that need improvement, but since we’re actively bug fixing feel free to email me directly with feedback on the path: zoe@codecademy.com (same for other folks who read this!)

Again, thanks all for posting your feedback!



Hey! I’m just here to also endorse this comment.

I felt really lost and overwhelmed by all the materials and resources, and also about the book. I spent like 30 mins trying to figure out if there was something I was missing and there was a way to read the introduction online…

Also with the link to the https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript I felt really confused, because from that link you can actually start learning JavaScript for free with their course. I was not sure if I am supposed to do all the tutorials on that page (which lists about 120 hours for the intro to JavaScript) or what…

And I also felt very overwhelmed with the Google Developer tutorial, which led me to question if codeacademy course was just going to be pointing me to free resources on the web to learn coding. I came to the forum to see if there was someone else feeling the same way, and I can say that your post was, word by word, what I was going to write.




First of all, I completely understand you, I was there 2 weeks ago haha. I should comfort you by saying that you don’t need to read those 130 tutorials. Those are just for you to go check whenever you forget something. Kinda like a cheat sheet.

Stick with the articles that you can read, and return to the Node one when you are about to start that topic.

The book is not necessary. It just explains you more in-depth about the things learned in Codecademy so you are not missing out. You can also check in-depth explanations on the other resources.

Also don’t pay attention to the online code editors. You won’t be using them for now so don’t worry.

Glad I could help!

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Thanks a million again!

Good to know! I’m continuing with the course as it is… and yeah, I’ll leave the reading for later on.

All the best!


This is a fantastic conversation. If you have the money, I do recommend purchasing the book. The book is structured in a way that eases you into JavaScript concepts and the topics in the book iterate what we are learning on Codecademy. I wouldn’t say that it’s a necessary resource to succeed in the pathway but it is great supplemental content.

If you’re getting overwhelmed with the content that is being linked to from Codecademy, I suggest bookmarking them or storing them in your notebook to come back to later. They will be relevant at some point in your journey.

Best of luck and have fun!


I got to this part of the course and the javaScript was giving me some problems. So i bought this book and wow it already in the first chapter made me see it in a much clearer way.

Definitly recommended. £22 off amazon the now

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Hi guys,
I recognize myself in the previous comments
I’m a complete beginner, I sarted the Full-stack engineer path, and after the first introductive modules, jumping straight into “4. JavaScript Syntax, Part I” felt really overwhelming, especially the Mozilla tutorial.
Same with Setting-up Node locally

My question is : Should I skip this part and go straight to module 8. Web Development Fundamentals, and start with html and css? These two languages seem more accessible for a start, and in the Mozilla tutorial, it is recommended to know already about html and css.

A feedback : I found the beginning of the path quite frustrating, having to purchase a book or go through an extensive and advanced documentation page aren’t the best way to start in my opinion. More hand-holding, basic concepts and actually writing simple code would be funnier :slight_smile: It loos like that’s what I’ll get in module 8. Web Development Fundamentals


Hi Malikaber,

I’d possibly suggest looking into Front-End Developer Path first, as this focuses on Web-Development.

Hello! I am also just beginning the full-stack program and I am a complete beginner. I had no issues ordering the book for extra material and actually found a very decently priced new one on Amazon. However, in this particular section in the introduction to Javascript, I find myself becoming a little anxious as though I am missing something because I have no idea how to understand JS yet. The readings are a bit overwhelming. I just want to be sure that there is nothing to worry about and that I will have courses later on fully covering these languages. Is there a way to view the complete course syllabus module by module? Thank you so much for your help, I absolutely love the interface of Codecadmy.

Have a great day!


Hi Laura! No worries, just keep continuing on to the Codecademy lessons and feel free to come back to the intro to JS content later. We’re actually in the process of re-working this section so it’s clearer.

You can view the entire syllabus on this page: https://www.codecademy.com/learn/paths/full-stack-engineer-career-path

It will give you the title of each module and then you can open each one up to see its contents. Always appreciate feedback on how we can improve the content and the format of the syllabus!


Hello Zoe,
I have an issue with the full stack engineer path. My path progress is not showing up on my homepage and I have already sent three emails about it and did not get any response yet. I am unable to continue where I left off and have no idea what to do. Any help here?

Best regards.

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